EPC Winners 2015

Level 1 (Grades 1 & 2)
Halima Bandarkar 1st
Hasan Mir 2nd
Maryam Mahmood 3rd
Saadiq Ahmed Special recognition – essay
Ahmad Ali Imam Special recognition- speech
Level 2 (Grades 3 & 4)
Amina Bandarkar 1st
Aabidah Ahmed 2nd
Ibrahim Mir 3rd
Khadijah Samiya

Hunniya Jafri

Special recognition – essay

Special recongition- essay

Marwa  Aligabi Special recognition- speech


Level 3 (Grade 5 & 6)
Ameen Ahmad 1st
Musa Ahmad 2nd
Shaheer Ali Imam 3rd
Saad Jameel Special Speech
Sajid Huda Special Essay
Level 4 (Grades 7 & 8)
Adam Ahmad 1st
Abdullah Jameel &
Yusra Rahman
Danyah Imam 3rd
Arafat Ismail Special Speech
Yusuf Khan Special Essay
Level 5 (Grades 9 & 10)
Huma Chowdhury 1st
Yomna Nassar 2nd
Afaaf Ahmad 3rd
Farhan Nadeem Special Essay
Zaynub Siddiqui Special Speech
Level 6 Grades (11 and up)
Aamirah Ahmad 1st
Zaakira Ahmed 2nd
Danya Chowdhury 3rd
Jinan M Oubaid Special recognition – essay
Zahrah A Mir Special recognition- speech
MULTIMEDIA (Middle School)  
Kalimah McKeaver 1st
Shaheer Imam 2nd
 Asif Islam 3rd
POSTER (Middle School)  
Shaheer Imam 1st
Kalimah Mckeaver 2nd
Asif Islam 3rd
MULTIMEDIA (Middle School)

Yomna Nassar

POSTER (High School)  
Yuser Tagouri 1st


Completed Workshop @ Dar-at-Taqwa on Nov 15th: Essay Writing 101

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah!

I am very pleased to have conducted the workshop regarding the basics of essay writing. It’s great to hear that my students benefited from the content and that they’d take the workshop again.

Like I had said during the workshop, here is a link to the Prezi that I used during the presentation, for all of you to refer back to in case you missed something in your notes or want to review something again.

Jazakullahu khairun for being great pupils, and may Allah grant you success in your essay writing endeavors, in this upcoming competition and at any other time you put your skills to the test!

Best of wishes,

Raadia K