A Zooming Ramadan 2020

The Mafiq Foundation presents…

A Zooming Ramadan 2020: “Vent What You Pent”


GRADES 2-6 SATURDAY, 16th RAMADAN (MAY 9TH) | 2:00-5:00 PM EDT
GRADES 7-12 SUNDAY, 17th RAMADAN (MAY 10TH) | 2:00-5:00 PM EDT

Zoom link provided after registration.

Mode of Conduct:  Zooming Ramadan


Register for Zoom presentation and deliver your content live in the form of essays, paintings and drawings, cartoon, poetry, speeches, storytelling, multimedia presentations, posters, film, comedy, or any other way you would like to showcase yourself on any or combination of the topics listed below. This is a forum where we would like our youth to vent out their pent up feelings. It’s a forum to share your reflections and learn from others.

There will be three parallel sessions and the respective topics in each session are given below. You may select any one or combination of the topics from the session you are participating. There will be gifts for recognized participants in shaa Allah.

*Session 1: Ibada in isolation

  • I’itikaf or night programs
  • Fasting while home
  • Missing Qiyam al Layls in jamah
  • No jumu’ah prayers
  • Tarawih by yourself —OR no prayers at masjid (this would include jumuah)
  • Witr dua
  • Eid prayer at home.

* Session 2: No socialization

  • No social iftar parties;
  • No masjid iftars.
  • No beautiful recitation, no socialization
  • Masjid programs
  • Eid festivities
  • Eid day fun

* Session 3: Challenges in tough times

  • No fun…Moon-sighting excitement. (for those that would go out to sight the moon).
  • No school, home all day- staying home without eating.
  • Obedience to parents in Ramadan
  • Family relationships and respecting elders as extra good deeds
  • Avoiding temptations in Ramadan: Boredom and online activity
  • Time management: Balancing between Ibadah and other activities
  • Dealing with death in Ramadan.


Time Limit – more presentation time on request only.

  • (Grade 2-6):  3 min MAX

  • (Grade 7-12):  5 min MAX


For questions, please Contact:  essays@mafiq.org

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