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January 18th, 2020 EPC-2019-Schedule-of-event-draft_01052018.docx (TBU)

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Essay Submission Guidelines (EPC-Guidelines-2022)

Strictly Adhere to the Guidelines below

Grades 1 to 4 (Levels 1 & 2): Elementary School

Group Name              Grade Level               Maximum Words           Speech Time*

LEVEL 1                      1st & 2nd                                 250**                                3 mins.

LEVEL 2                     3rd & 4th                                500                                    4 mins.

Grades 5 to 8 (Levels 3 & 4): Middle School

Group Name              Grade Level               Maximum Words          Speech Time^*

LEVEL 3                        5th   and 6th                             750                              5 mins.

LEVEL 4                      7th   and 8th                             750                              6 mins.

Grades  Grades 9+: High School/College

Group Name              Grade Level               Maximum Words          Speech Time^*

LEVEL 5                       9th   and 10th                          1000                            7 mins.

LEVEL 6                      11th thru College                   1000                            8 mins.

*ONLY the top contestants in the Written Essay contest of each level may participate in the Speech Contest.  Speech time subject to change.

**Please use a standard business letter format.  Level 1 handwritten letter should not exceed 3 pages, and must be submitted as an attachment with an email.

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All essay, multimedia, and poster must be submitted by January 7th, 2022. NO submissions will be accepted after the deadline.

Submit essay and/or a digital image of your poster ON or BEFORE the due date here. 

References:  EPC 2022 Guidelines,

Honor Statement:

Indicate the type of help and the level of efforts you received from external sources.  You understand that Mafiq Foundation reserves the exclusive right to use your write-up for publishing, circulating, and promotional purpose.

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