EPC 2018 Workshops (TBU)

Please contact Essays@mafiq.org for scheduling a workshop in your locality.  


Thank you to our instructors for offering so many workshops this year.   Workshops had been very informative ma shaa Allah.
Time Topics/Resources
 Dec 2nd  ADAMS Old Board Room  2 – 4:00 pm
Nov 18th  Al Huda School  2 – 4:30pm  Elementary School – Introducing EPC basics
 Nov 18th

Nov 18th workshop has been cancelled until further notice

 Al Huda School  2- 4:30 pm  Middle School – Multimedia basics
  Dec 17th   Youth program at the AHS Fundraiser

(Bethesda N. Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, Rockville, MD)

   6 – 9:30 pm  Crafting an Essay Outline
* Tentative workshop dates.  These on-demand workshops will be available only if we have at least 10 for each session.  So, please pre-register at the earliest to help us serve the youth.

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