Judging Process

Once the judges have read the participant’s essays and listened to their speeches, they grade the entries according to the criteria articulated here.

There is no favoritism as the essay judges do not know who the writers are and for the speeches, we assign judges that do not have a personal connection to any of the youth they are judging. The final ranking is based on BOTH speech and essay scores. A participant may have had the highest score on their essay, but their speech score may have brought it down, or vice versa. The person with the highest combined score is the one that is ranked.

When we choose speakers for the award ceremony, we ask judges to pick a speaker from each level for the award ceremony speeches irrespective of essay scores or overall standings. This is a bit complex than said since we do want to diversify the mixture of presenters by gender and regions.

The top ranking essays and posters are published in that year’s volume of Young Muslim Voices.

Our goal is to benefit our children, but if we make a mistake we ask Allah’s forgiveness. And Allah knows best, gloried and exalted. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the judging process feel free to contact us at essays@mafiq.org.

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